UL91 comes to Germany

We have added Germany to our list of European countries offering UL91 unleaded Avgas.

Now provided at Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport (QEF/EDFE), the safe alternative to Mogas is also coming to Münster-Osnabrück Airport (FMO/EDDG) soon. Bulk orders are available.

What is so good about UL91? With a fixed volatility range, it is designed to work year-round with no seasonal variations. It contains no ethanol, which is known to damage fuel system components, and has an assured energy content – there are no alcohols or ethers which could reduce aircraft range. These factors mean extended periods between maintenance, which is always good for your bottom line!

However, UL91 is not suitable for all aircraft, so do find out whether it could benefit your operations using the pilot operators’ handbook, aircraft/engine manufacturer guidance or EASA approval literature. Still interested? The next step is to apply for a dedicated UL91 Sterling Card. Contact your account manager or click here.

We also serve UL91 at Copenhagen Roskilde (RKE/EKRK) in Denmark; Grenoble Le Versoud (LFLG) in France; Oslo Kjeller (ENKJ) AB and Rakkestad (ENRK) in Norway; and Ängelholm–Helsingborg (AGH/ESTA), Halmstad City (HAD/ESMT) and Kristianstad Österlen in Sweden (KID/ESMK).