From exploration to refining, we turn our resources into products to meet demand

Safely and reliably finding new reserves of energy isn’t the whole story. Taking the resource to market is just as challenging, just as important and just as safety-critical.

Finding oil, however, isn’t the whole story. Our oil refineries are technically complex and a reflection of our growing investment in innovation. It’s here that hydrocarbons are converted, upgraded and blended into products that people can put into their cars or use to heat their homes. 

In downstream, engineers and technicians at our refineries ensure that every piece of equipment is operated safely and responsibly.  

Whether you work on deepwater platforms, in our amazing oil refineries, or in our onshore oil and gas operating centres, you’ll be able to make your mark on a business that makes safe and reliable operations its top priority.

Operations and maintenance

Operations is the backbone of our global energy business – and the key to turning our resources into products that meet the increasing demand for energy.
  • Field operations and site management roles provide day-to-day and strategic leadership for the site. Typical roles include area, operations, offshore installation, onshore site, logistics, infrastructure and turnaround managers.
  • Operations engineers work in both onshore and offshore roles. They routinely work cross-discipline and provide technical, engineering and operational support to an asset through a broad range of responsibilities. Maintaining system operability, promoting operations excellence and identifying and resolving technical issues, their roles bring an understanding of health, safety and environmental issues and co-ordinating/planning plant modifications.
  • Operations site supervisors are the frontline leaders. They provide the key interface between management and the workforce. Join us and you’ll play a vital role in managing on-site activities and providing the leadership to a large BP and contractor workforce. Roles include operations, production, maintenance, construction, logistics and marine supervisors.
  • In operations, discipline engineers are often specialists in a particular area, such as mechanical, process, electrical or instrumentation. Some specialist support engineering roles are required in day-to-day operations, such as rotating equipment and reliability or integrity engineers, while others are looking for longer-term optimization opportunities. When assigned to operations, you’ll generally be expected to work both in your core skill and in other areas where you might be less experienced.
Operations support roles, such as activity planner/schedulers, asset coaches or maintenance, training and materials co-ordinators are also critical to operations.

For all these roles, a technical background is extremely important. But your people skills, including your ability to work with other teams, contractors and those from very different backgrounds to yours, are also essential.

Quality management

In our quest for excellence, we embed quality across our supply chain. That’s where you come in

Our business is the exploration, production, refining, trading and distribution of oil and gas. This is what we do. We do it safely and reliably. And we do it on a global scale. Every day, we serve millions of customers around the world. To protect them, and our brand, it’s essential that best practice is embedded in the way we manage product quality at all stages in the supply chain. This is why quality control is such a high-profile function within our business.

You could be supporting our goal of achieving best-in-class performance in quality across our supply chain. These roles involve developing and implementing robust quality control and quality assurance processes, providing functional expertise on relevant matters and taking part in quality incident investigations. You could find yourself developing quality tools and systems, carrying out root cause analysis of external complaints to improve customer satisfaction or ensuring compliance with our global standards.

Diversity and inclusion

We work as one team, bringing together people from a range of backgrounds whose different perspectives enrich our business. That’s why we value diversity and inclusion. Everyone at BP is treated fairly, with respect, and is encouraged to voice their opinion. Each member of the team knows what is expected of them and is given every opportunity to realize their potential in a pleasant, supportive and collaborative environment.

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