World class technology and technical expertise keep our wells operating safely and reliably

We value your skills in conventional completions, sand control, and hydraulic fracturing. Our stock of many thousands of wells includes subsea, high pressure high temperature (HPHT), and horizontal wells. 

Maintaining ongoing production and integrity from our wells, keeping safety and reliability front of mind, is a key focus of our well interventions organization.

Our success is dependent on leveraging the collective efforts of some of the most experienced technical experts in the world, who bring world-class technology to the front-line of well execution and provide outstanding technical support to the entire global wells team.

At BP, you’ll be challenged and inspired in our safety-first culture.

Our team of outstanding technical experts work together to deliver our programmes

Drilling and completions

We harness the collective efforts of some of the most experienced technical experts in the world, who bring world-class technology to the frontline of well execution and provide outstanding technical support to our global wells organization (GWO). Now is an exciting time for talented professionals to join us and make a real difference – to our progress and to their own careers. 

Drilling engineers

As a primary member of the wells team, you’ll take responsibility for planning and programming drilling and workover activities, making sure that safety and reliability are absolute priorities. You’ll also be involved in cost estimation and cost control for wells activities. Capability opportunities will include exploration, high pressure high temperature (HPHT), deepwater, multilateral, extended reach and development drilling. Lead drilling engineers also take on supervisory and assurance responsibilities.

Completion engineers

After a well is drilled, completion engineers take over operations and are accountable for well safety, productivity and longevity. Join us and you’ll have the opportunity to work on record-breaking wells using cutting-edge technology. From sand control designs and well performance, to flow assurance and completion integrity, completion engineers solve challenging technical problems and build valuable skills. You’ll also help prepare and ensure execution of detailed completion and workover programmes. In addition, lead completion engineers take on supervisory, assurance and coaching responsibilities.

Interventions and integrity

Safety and sustainability are our guiding principles. Our team is at the forefront of putting these principles into practice

With over 10,000 wells in our portfolio, the interventions engineer is an integral part of delivering long-term value to BP. The life of an oil and gas well extends for decades and requires ongoing management to ensure well integrity and maximise well production. The role of the interventions engineer is to plan any engineering activity required to safely and reliably maintain well integrity and production, as well as accessing additional geological zones in the well to deliver new reserves.

Interventions engineers plan wellwork and well surveillance, generate programmes and procedures, and ensure that well interventions are designed to be safe and compliant. They also monitor well integrity and recommend engineering solutions.

Wells leadership and wells technologists

Our perspective in well planning and execution is to deliver to the highest quality and safety standards

In a wells leadership role, you’ll take responsibility for managing teams of drilling and completions engineers and offshore drilling supervisors. Your goal will be to deliver high-quality well planning activities and offshore execution, making sure that safety and reliability are at the top of our agenda. This will see you involved in engineering activity and drilling, completion and workover operations.

Our team comprises of expert wells technologists, cementing, coiled tubing, drilling optimization and bits, geomechanics, rig audit, rig design, rig maintenance, well control, well perforating and well placement professionals.

Wells operations

When it comes to managing your team and safely delivering our wells, we’ll expect you to live our values

Within BP, drilling supervisors or ‘company men’ are titled wellsite leaders, reflecting their pivotal role in leading all activity, HSE, operations and logistics at the well site. You can expect responsibility for supervising offshore/onshore drilling, completion and workover operations at the well site, making sure that safety and reliability are absolute priorities.

Our diverse global portfolio includes some of the industry's greatest technical challenges as we push the limits in ultra-deepwater, Arctic and ultra-HPHT to deliver some of the world's biggest wells. 

Leaders in BP are committed to our values in the way they manage teams and deliver results. In the global wells organization (GWO), it starts with safety and excellence in our well planning and our operations. Our leadership approach is built on respect, being consistent and having the courage to do the right thing. We believe success comes from the energy of our people and, as a team leader, you’ll have the opportunity to provide your people with the focus and development opportunities to bring out their best. We work as one team, across Wells and across BP. 

As a team leader or manager in engineering, operations, major projects, or specialists, you have the opportunity to shape the outcome and the future. 

We also have a wellsite leaders of the future development programme. 

Diversity and inclusion

We work as one team, bringing together people from a range of backgrounds whose different perspectives enrich our business. That’s why we value diversity and inclusion. Everyone at BP is treated fairly, with respect, and is encouraged to voice their opinion. 

Each member of the team knows what is expected of them and is given every opportunity to realize their potential in a pleasant, supportive and collaborative environment.

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Richard, vice president Global Wells Organization

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