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Slovak Republic

As we expand our lubricants range, we’re taking a long-term view on success

We’ve been working in the Slovak Republic for over 15 years. Our focus has traditionally been on lubricants for both automotive and industrial use through our Aral, bp and Castrol brands. Our products such as Castrol Edge, Castrol Magnatec and Castrol GTX are market leaders.


Looking ahead, we’re expanding our range of branded lubricants. We have around 20 employees in the Slovak Republic, working as a dedicated and collaborative team with safety and reliability as our number one priority. But as we seek to increase our product selection over the next few years, we will need more talented and committed people in both our automotive and industrial business units to drive us forward and develop a long-term career.


Our Slovak headquarters is in Bratislava, a historic city with a high quality of life and low cost of living. The medieval old town has narrow winding streets with a huge number of interesting bars and restaurants to explore.

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