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With our extensive training and development, we can power your career
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Our Spanish business is split into two main companies: bp Oil España, S.A.U, and bp Gas España, S.A.U. Through these companies, we safely and reliably refine and market oil products, as well as participating in the gas market in Spain.


Rewards and benefits

The advantages of working in bp beyond a simple wage for the hired employee. While compensation packages vary by country and business - and also according to the qualifications and experience - bp offers perks that include:

  • Competitive salary
  • Subsistence
  • Variable pay
  • Action plan (PDP)
  • Pension plan and Health & life insurance
  • Various employee offers 

bp's competitive salaries allow us to retain the most qualified employees, maintaining our success in business and encourage employees to further develop their skills and increasing their contribution.


Pay is reviewed periodically to ensure they remain competitive, given the current market salary level and in the field, specifically, and the level of contribution of the employee to the company.


In addition to salary, bp may also grant additional supplements in recognition of specific aspects of the work performed by the employee.


Staff development and training

bp is an organization that is constantly evolving, so we like to emphasize the training and professional development. Regardless of the job, you have the opportunity to pursue a high–quality training, starting with an inductive programme related to the business in which you work.


In Spain we employ around 900 people, mainly in Madrid and at the Castellón refinery. Our people come from all kinds of backgrounds, and by respecting individual differences we have become a top-performing team. Join them and build a long-term career in our culture of trust and co-operation.


Our business

Our main assets in the oil business are the Castellón refinery on the Mediterranean coast, which can process more than 6 million tonnes of crude oil a year, and our retail network of over 670 service stations, the third largest in the country. We market and sell automotive gasoline and gasoil, aviation fuels and lubricants. We have a 9% share of the Spanish oil market.


bp Gas España, S.A.U. was the first international company granted access to the natural gas market in Spain when it first opened to competition in 1999. Since then it has maintained an active presence in the industry, exporting gas to France and Portugal, importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) from multiple sources and actively participating in the development of a fully liberalized gas market.


We have a 50% interest in the Bahía de Bizkaia Electricidad power plant. 

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