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Trinidad and Tobago

We're building local expertise to deliver long-term sustainability

With 13 offshore production platforms. We are the country’s largest hydrocarbon producer, accounting for about 60 per cent of the nation’s oil and gas production.


About 65 per cent of our natural gas is exported as LNG - the major portion of which goes to the United States. The other 35 per cent is sold for use as fuel or feedstock for local industry.

Hear from our people

Alicia on her work in crisis and continuity management at bpTT
Cheeriche discusses her work as a mechanical engineer at bpTT
Neil talks about his work as a drilling engineer at bpTT

bpTT believes that the key to long-range sustainability is building local expertise in all areas of the national petroleum industry – from exploration for oil and gas to the design and construction of platforms and the installation of pipelines. We have a full range of teams in Trinidad & Tobago, so we look for people with a diverse range of backgrounds and skills – people who can develop a long-term career in our culture of trust and co-operation.


Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is driven by bp's aspiration to deliver extraordinary business performance, take part in the development of Trinidad and Tobago and impact the lives of every citizen. In areas of education, arts and culture, enterprise and manpower development and the environment, bpTT has established mutually beneficial relationships with the Trinidad and Tobago public, strategically focused on the long-term development of the country.


Learn more at bpTT's website and our Sustainability Report

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