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No matter what we're doing, we always strive to do the right thing

bp in Georgia is committed to providing competitive salaries and benefits to its employees. As a bp employee, you can expect to be recognised and competitively rewarded for your performance - not just through your base pay, but through spot recognition awards and performance Bonus Plans. The benefits offered to our employees include medical and dental insurances, Fitness and Share Plan.


Training and development

At bp in Georgia, developing our employees not only means providing solid training, regular direction and outside resources, it also means offering them new job opportunities. We want you to succeed from day one, so we offer an induction process that helps you find your way around during the first few months of your tenure. It's primarily to help you understand bp policy, how you fit in, the goals of your specific Business Unit and how those goals fit into the corporate goals. 


When positions become available internally, we typically look to our own people as our best pool of qualified candidates. We make new job listings available on our company intranet. It's a great opportunity to find another position within bp and to progress in your career. It's particularly useful if you want to change career direction. There are many examples of people who have radically changed their career focus. Instead of pigeonholing people, we look for ways to accommodate their goals within the framework of available opportunities.

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