Technology and information give us the insight we need to operate effectively

Information tells us how deep to drill our wells and where the best path for our pipelines should be. It also keeps us informed of global energy prices and the costs of our projects. In information technology and services (IT&S), our systems are some of the most advanced in the world – and our IT professionals are fully engaged in safely and reliably finding energy and maximizing the value of our assets.

We also have our sights fixed on the future. Research and technology provides the knowledge, expertise and creativity to develop safer, more reliable processes, novel syntheses, new catalysts and improved designs.

In our culture of discovery, we offer wide-ranging development opportunities across the BP and Castrol businesses.

From exploration to trading, in our quest for excellence we embrace leading-edge technologies

Information technology and services (IT&S)

BP relies on information. It’s what tells us where to safely drill our wells and how best to manage our reservoirs. It keeps us informed of global energy prices and the costs of our projects. It keeps our business up and running and protects our integrity. Our systems are some of the most advanced in the world – enabling us to take on projects that are as complex as they are geographically distant.

IT is about more than networks, hardware and software, so being technically savvy is just one requirement. Our IT professionals are also experts in collaboration – they work across the group to support wider business goals and with each other to deliver a safe and secure operational environment, which is a number one priority for BP. They pioneer new ways to solve problems by finding and applying the best digital technologies. By forging partnerships both with senior stakeholders across BP and with external specialists, they make sure our leading-edge technology infrastructure is agile, flexible and effective. In short, they’re fully engaged in the challenge of finding energy and in maximizing the value of our assets.

In return, they have all the opportunities of being part of a truly global organization. Our high-priority projects affect every aspect of our operations. And as well as implementing industry-leading approaches in terms of technology delivery, we have one of the largest infrastructure portfolios of any company worldwide. Within this setting, IT professionals can follow a flexible, long-term career path – which is either project-based or focused on operational support – so you can look forward to plenty of variety.

IT&S touches every part of BP and has a presence in over 50 countries. Our large, global team is responsible for providing world-class IT, telecoms services and systems, and exploiting digital technologies to give us a competitive advantage.

IT&S opportunities embrace the following areas:

In enterprise systems, you’ll be responsible for delivering and supporting enterprise-wide applications to support all BP businesses on a global basis.  These include SAP and all related modules and components. 

In global operations and infrastructure (GOI), you’ll provide safe, efficient and effective IT infrastructure services to underpin our business operations. 

In functions, your task will be to add value to our corporate business activities and functions and our shipping business by delivering high-quality, efficient, insightful, innovative and safe IT services. 

In indirect procurement, you’ll be allowing experts to do what they do best, by managing risk and delivering value for the global IP spend. 

In strategy, operations and excellence (SO&E), you’ll define and drive best practice across IT&S and possibly BP as a whole – architecture and design or cyber security could come under your wing. 

In chief technology office, you’ll provide a fast and efficient matching of emerging external technology innovation to business requirements in order to achieve tangible results. 

In downstream, you’ll be responsible for the support, maintenance, development and investment in digital systems across our downstream businesses.  


IT&S has hubs in the following cities:

Bochum is home to BP Europe SE and is one of our global fuels technology centres. 

Chicago  is the third most populous city in the United States and a city buzzing with energy. In the so-called ‘Windy City’, towering skyscrapers overlook sandy beaches and you’ll find world-class dining, shopping and entertainment, including theatres, museums and galleries. 

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the US, the largest city in the state of Texas and the largest city in the American South. It’s filled with superb dining, arts, hotels, shopping and nightlife – the historic Heights, the Museum District and the Space Center are ‘musts’ to be enjoyed. 

Kuala Lumpur has grown from a small sleepy tin-mining village to a bustling metropolis in just 150 years. The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a cultural melting pot with great shopping, wonderful food and some of nature's wonders just an hour away. 

London is the capital city of the UK, a leading global city, a diverse and exciting cosmopolitan city. It has some of the world's best historical and cultural attractions, such as Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. Plus, the best theatre scene in the world, an iconic skyline, premier shopping and green, open spaces. 

Our Singapore office is located in the Harbour Front area, in the south west of the island. It is currently being developed into a business and lifestyle hub, with many large corporations choosing to make their home there alongside BP. It is close to the Harbour Front centre and VivoCity, Singapore’s largest shopping mall. 

Research, development and technology

Nobody is doing more to embrace leading-edge technologies to secure the future of energy than BP

Oil is called crude for good reason. It can be as thick as peanut butter. Or it might be locked tightly in sand or shale – and almost impossible to get out. The oil and gas industry operates at challenging frontiers, yet we need to find and produce new resources for future generations – safely and reliably. And once it is out of the ground, before oil can be used as fuel for cars, fuel for aeroplanes or even plastics for everyday consumer products, it has to be processed into high-quality raw materials. There’s nothing easy about processing biofuels either. Selecting the right feedstock to grow and the right processing method to employ with minimum impact on the environment is exceptionally challenging.

At BP, technology provides the knowledge, expertise and creativity to see things differently, to develop better processes and to improve designs, all without compromising safety.

Our teams in exploration and production are working hard to solve complex technical problems – like how to see beneath miles of rock, boost recovery rates from oil reservoirs, and use real-time data from sophisticated sensors to make better, safer, faster decisions.

We are applying new technologies every day in our refineries and chemical plants to improve performance and enhance safety.

Our scientists and engineers in our fuels and lubricants businesses are developing novel products, working with vehicle manufacturers to enhance engine performance while reducing emissions and using less energy. Whether working on a new high-performance fuel in Pangbourne or testing an advanced lubricant in Turin, your focus will be on innovation, safety and customers.

We offer our people in technology wide-ranging opportunities to progress, develop and help us find the best ways to meet the growing demand for energy.

The energy industry integrates a broader array of science, engineering and technologies than almost any other sector and has extraordinary technical breadth and depth.  So, whether you’re a geologist, geophysicist, chemist, engineer, bio-scientist, physicist, or product development expert, you’ll have the opportunity for innovation, development or deployment of technology. You’ll also combine a commercial outlook with a respect for discovery, whether it’s an improvement to an established process or a new invention. Finding and producing energy isn’t easy – so BP puts you at the forefront of developing technology solutions.

Diversity and inclusion

We work as one team, bringing together people from a range of backgrounds whose different perspectives enrich our business. That’s why we value diversity and inclusion. Everyone at BP is treated fairly, with respect, and is encouraged to voice their opinion. 

Each member of the team knows what is expected of them and is given every opportunity to realize their potential in a pleasant, supportive and collaborative environment.

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Sarah, senior staff scientist talks about her work at BP Biofuels

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