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At BP Global Business Services, we’re bringing energy to people and places around the globe. Together, we work in 15 languages, with over 200 teams and 27 different nationalities, to keep our business moving. That includes delivering end-to-end process for finance, customer service, procurement, sourcing and HR administration activities, worldwide. Now, we’re excited to expand our operations in Szeged and offer you more great opportunities to join our team.

Here, you’ll discover a unique working environment, driven by you. Our fantastic BP benefits include tailored skills and career development opportunities, life and health insurance and a spacious play zone area for indoor recreation and relaxation. If you’ve got potential, we can help you to unleash it.

You can also get involved in a wide range of social activities such as outings and events. Our Solaris charity team organizes regular fundraising and community volunteering initiatives in support of local and national Hungarian charities: the centre also holds a national disability-friendly accreditation and has an excellent safety record.

Our people

Judit Varga

Having a home office has transformed my work-life balance...

Funny as it sounds, I get my energy from running: it’s actually my favourite way to start the day. Budapest is a beautiful city and there are lots of incredible trails to explore. And, with BP, I feel like I can really make the most of it. Our running team raises money for charity and I was really proud to be a part of that. You can build all sorts of rewarding relationships here, personally and professionally.

There are lots of other benefits too. I love the fact that you can work from home, it gives you so much flexibility: I wouldn’t have been able to finish my schooling without it. That freedom is really empowering, whether you’re studying a university course or have family commitments. There’s also a great working environment, from the building to the people, and a lot of career opportunities to explore.

I’ve built relationships with wonderful people, discovered a beautiful working environment, and achieved things I’d never have expected. I can also work from home and study when I need to: the business is committed to the people here, and is always trying to make things the best they can be, for everyone.

Klaudia Cseh

Here, you can do something that’s for the greater good...

I’ve been at BP Global Business Services since the very beginning: I’ve seen it grow from a handful of people to an organization of thousands. And I’ve grown with it. I started out as a customer service representative, before taking on a role at the head of my team: from there, I progressed quickly through a number of different leadership roles, where I was able to advise our global network.

I’m passionate about corporate social responsibility, charity, diversity and inclusion. Today, I’m an employee experience and diversity leader, so I can take issues that are close to my heart and connect them with my work. That’s immensely personally rewarding. In BP, we work in a really welcoming environment, so I feel that if we have that energy, we should help the people around us. And because the organisation really lives by its values, we all have the opportunity to act on those principles.

Seeing the faces of the people we work with, when we’ve achieved something that really benefits society – that’s why I do this job.

Zsolt Czibere

We’re always looking for ways to work smarter, personally and as a team...

The work environment at BP is incredibly open: the same goes for the culture and opportunities here. We’re always looking for smarter, more productive ways of doing things. And, as a senior subject matter expert, that’s what I do, every day. I look at processes BP is implementing across the globe, measure our performance and think about how we can bring our organization into the future.

Finding intelligent solutions takes innovative thinking – but it also takes training. Fortunately, BP is really invested in planning and accelerating my learning curve. They’ve paid for me to train as a quality management and environmental auditor, and my line manager was really supportive of me when I chose to move out of finance into my current role. If you want to learn new things and explore areas outside of your comfort zone, there’s always someone who’s ready to listen.

At BP, you can plan your future, so you know that you’re on a good track. Here, you can really see your learning curve and what you need to do to fill in the gaps

Roxána Rábai

Working at BP makes you feel tall...

People here are so passionate, energetic and interested in you. It’s like one big family: you’re always supported, if you want to develop professionally or just do something that interests you personally. For example, I’m an animal lover and BP has set up an amazing initiative called Bark & Help, where we donate food to an animal shelter. It’s a simple thing but it matters to me, and I’m proud to be a part of it. I would also love to join the Solaris fundraising and volunteering team: I’m working on it as we speak!

We’re also a very diverse family. In every corner of the building you hear somebody speaking a different language. It’s great because, having lived in Venezuela for a while, I can still use my Spanish here. It just goes to show that, at BP, there really is a place and a role for everyone. 

BP is always working to find the right path for you, whether it’s a new training course or a society you want to be a part of.

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